Door Limiter Install Instructions

Only install the door limiters once the doors are hung and in their permanent position. This is especially true for the vertical adjustment at the hinge.

Make sure your lower adjustment bolts is tight so the door does not fall out of adjustment when loosening the upper bolt to install the aluminum plate. Start by installing the slotted aluminum plate shown here.

It is very important that the slots are as close to perpendicular to the vertical chassis tube as possible(#1 and #2 in the picture). This is the tube the hinge is welded too. You need to check this with the door closed. The bracket will be at a slight angles, as the tube is angled from vertical. These steps are very important as they set up the rest of the install.

You also want the end of the small slot to be about .125 so from the inside edge of the door(see #1 in the picture above). You may need to remove a bit of material from the aluminum bracket. Later you may adjust this in and out a bit to clear the limiter rod from the door panel.

Once perpendicular to the tube, tighten it down and drill or mark through the smaller slot so you know where to drill the clearance hole. I just drilled through the slot at each corner and used a carbide bur through the slot to connect the two holes. Its OK if you go a bit oversized.(don't go to small you need clearance for the rod)

Once the hole is opened up in the door, you can rivet the plastic bushing to the aluminum. Use the picture as a reference. The two little vertical slots should be on the bottom.

Now slip the rod through the back of the door and through the bushing. The milled pocket goes up. It will take some effort but the bushings tongue will deflect and hold the rod snug. Put some tape on the chassis tube so that you can mark where it needs to be installed.

From inside the car, close the door and place the pivot block on the tube. Position the pivot block so that the rod is perpendicular to the edge of the door. Place the edge of the block(where the pivot is) on the edge of the tube.

Now while holding the pivot in place on the tube, open and close the door to make sure there is no binding. Also make sure the rod will clear the door panel after its installed. If there appears to be a clearance problem, adjust the aluminum plate in a bit more.

Once you are comfortable with the pivot block location, use a pen and underline the pivot block, then using your mark, use a transfer punch to mark where to drill for the hole. Drill and tap for a 1/4 20.

Now install the rubber grommet and washer as shown.

Open and close the door keeping note to clearance of the body. If your car is in the bodywork stage, the wider you can open the door, the easier the car will be to get in. So it may be worth the effort to clearance at this time to allow for a wider swing. Once you have set your limit install the nut and bolt and tighten.

Take some electrical tape and wrap once around the limiter rod. This will buffer the washer from vibrating when the door is closed. You can just see the tape in the picture above.

You're done, and now you wont need to worry every time someone gets in and out of the car!!